tongue and groove retaining wall block

Retaining Wall Installation Instructions - Mutual Materials If using RomanStack®, StackStone®, CypressStone™, or Roman Cypress™, the bottom groove should be fitted over the tongue on the base blocks. If using Celtik Wall®, insert clips as shown on the Celtik Wall® Tech Sheet. This will provide a batter to the wall for better stability. If using CornerStone® the connecting lugs 

Verti-Block Segmental Retaining Walls - Verti-Crete Even more appealing, Verti-Block is incredibly strong and versatile thanks to its interlocking design. Featuring a tongue-and-groove style connection, Verti-Block units ensure you'll get a secure fit with the correct amount of setback on every installation. Even in poor soil conditions, Verti-Block can be stacked higher than 

Tongue & Groove Retaining Timber - Placemakers Tongue & Groove Retaining Timber. SKU: . With a refined tongue and groove profile, you can transform an unwanted sloping area into a flat garden or lawn. H4 treated Radiata No.2; Available in 150 x 50mm or 200 x 50mm 

Roman Pisa® Install Guide - Pavers by Ideal Ideal's Pisa2 and Roman Pisa are full component landscape retaining wall systems that are easy to assemble. A tongue and groove molded into the units locks them . block over 4'. For example, for a 6' high wall, you will need to dig the trench at least 16" deep in order to bury the entire first course and 4" of the second.

Retaining walls Gunn Landscape Design The types of retaining wall that we most commonly deal with are timber, gabion basket and block. Hillside properties often Timber retaining walls are usually the cheapest option - either using half rounds as seen in the above retaining wall picture or T&G (Tongue & Groove) planks as seen on the right. The T&G planks can 

Retaining Wall Blocks Concrete Retaining Walls Oaks Pavers Find the perfect blocks for your retaining or garden wall design in compatible colours, textures and scale for your needs!

How to Build a Retaining Wall (with Pictures) - wikiHow If necessary, cut off the top tongue of the base stones. Some contractors prefer cutting off the top tongue or groove from the base stones before laying them down. Check for sturdiness yourself and knock the tongue off the block with a hammer and chisel, if necessary. Understand that curved retaining walls with tongues may 

Retaining walls EXTERNAL WORKS Retaining walls. Gravity and reinforced soil walls in solid and cellular precast concrete, timber and recycled plastic on EXTERNAL WORKS. Helping you find the best Phi offer a modular, dry laid, interlocking, hollow, concrete block walling system ideal for low level walls. Unique tongue and groove locking system.

Concrete Retaining Walls - Networx An added benefit of some of the block products is the new tongue-and-groove design. The tongue-and-groove feature makes constructing concrete retaining walls much easier; plus, it adds stability to the structure. As a result, the barrier can be taller than a traditional, unreinforced concrete retaining wall.

ReCon Retaining Walls - Rockingham Redi-Mix ReCon block are precast retaining wall block that feature the look and scale of natural stone, but are precast using cast-in-place concrete. Exceptional durability is achieved through the use of air entrained concrete. ReCon Wall blocks' large mass, along with the tongue and groove locking system, allow for extremely fast 

DIY Retaining Wall Tips & Ideas DIY Learn how you can build your own retaining wall with these step-by-step instructions and ideas from Video 01:38. A tongue-and-groove system makes short work of building a retaining wall. Interlocking Wall Video 04:30. Build a stone retaining wall with an interlocking concrete-block system.

Retaining Walls - Dubes Landscaping Without it, pressure from storm water will build up behind the wall and push the wall over. Many concrete retaining block systems have pins, tabs or tongue and groove concrete molded into the block- but these mechanisms are simply locators to help keep the wall straight during construction. Redirecting storm water flow is 

Retaining Walls - Unilock If you are planning on having retaining walls built on your property, consider using Unilock's premium wall stones. They have the beautiful appearance of natural stones but greater durability than natural materials. Our wall stones also allow for a simplified installation process thanks to their tongue-and-groove design which 

Concrete Block Retaining Walls Masonry Retaining Wall Nitterhouse also manufactures Ecology Block, which is an economic and environmentally friendly alternative to other concrete block retaining walls. Produced with high-strength 5,000 psi concrete, each Ecology Block is cast with a groove in the bottom and a tongue on the top for a firm, secure fit, and to prevent movement 

Precast Concrete, Concrete Retaining Wall, Precast Median Barriers Camber manufactures precast concrete products for the Industrial, Municipal, Environmental, Mining, and private construction markets. We stock Median Barrier used for highway and industrial guide rail and separator bins. Camber manufactures a heavy duty solid concrete reinforced, tongue and groove retaining wall block 

Build a Retaining Wall - Total Landscape Care Interlocking blocks come in a variety of sizes and colors. Manufacturers vary on how they lock each successive course of blocks to the row beneath. Some use metal or ceramic pins, while others employ a built-in tongue and groove system where a groove in the bottom aligns with a ridge in the top. Another