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High Impact Wall Base - Aluminum Retainer Wall Base Inpro Key Specifications. The High Impact Wall Base provides superior impact protection with continuous foam bumper mounted on continuous aluminum retainer. Reduces costs during renovation because product can be reused and offers quick installation because there are no adhesives. 4" (102mm) height .080" (2mm) vinyl 

Wall Protection Sheets Acrovyn® Sheet Wherever a building is likely to suffer from impact damage, Acrovyn wall protection sheets can provide an aesthetic and protective solution. Acrovyn sheet is versatile and can be simply and effectively used flat on walls or doors, or can be easily cut, formed and shaped to allow the creation of unique designs. Acrovyn sheet is 

Guard Posts, Bollard Post-Tubes, Rubber Wall Guards Rubber Wall Guard. Manufactured from high-impact virgin rubber, the Rubber Wall Guards are long lasting, durable, and cost-effective solutions. High intensity reflective tape increases visibility. These wall guards help protect property and vehicles from dents and scratches. Perfect for surface and multi-level parking lots and 

Acrovyn Protection Wall & Corner protection Construction Acrovyn is a hard wearing wall and door protection layer with a shock loading aspect to protect, doors, corridor walls, bed bumpers, corners and more. Green Label, 042-011. High Impact Wall Protection environmentally-friendly wall protection available. And it costs no more than original Acrovyn. All Acrovyn products 

High Impact Resistant Wall Covering Rigid Sheet Rub Rail from Contact us for pricing and minimum purchase information on these options: Sheet Options: 3'x 8' 3' x 9' 3' x 10' 4' x 9' 4' x 10'. Roll Options: 2' x 120' 3' x 120' 4' x 120'. Other dimensions, thicker gauges (.080", .090" & .125") and rolls of high impact wall covering are available. We also have all the things you'll need for the 

Spectrim Building Products WALL PROTECTION Ven4ma® by Spectrim is engineered to provide durable wall protection with aesthetic appeal and exceptional life-cycle value through reduced maintenance and repair costs. Ven4ma® Protective Wallcovering is designed for use in healthcare, hospitality, food service, assisted living, retail, and corporate interior high traffic 

IPC Door & Wall Protection - Wall Protection Products Inpro Door Frame Guards. Protect door frames from damage by carts, beds, luggage and wheelchairs. door knob protector. Door Knob Protectors. Door knob protectors defend your door knobs from collisions with carts, walls, etc. Wall Base. High impact wall base provides superior impact protection and quick installation. 127.

Interior Components: IPC Wall Protection, Door Protection, Handrails The IPC wall protection range includes handrails, corner guards, bed bumpers, door ding protection, door protection plates, wall protection rails & more.

Wall, Door and Corner Protection - RIBA Product Selector ACROVYN® WALL, DOOR & CORNER. PROTECTION. Protecting interior surfaces and maintaining a high-quality appearance in busy facilities has never been easier. building look great for longer, and reduce ongoing maintenance costs. . Stylish yet functional, Acrovyn impact protection can be incorporated into front of 

Wall Protection Sheets Acrovyn® Sheet - Construction Specialties Acrovyn Square Edge Wall Panels · A lower cost wall panel system for high impact situations. Square Edge Wall Panels can be field cut and uses trims or coloured caulk to cover exposed edges. Available in a variety of textures, solid colours and Chameleon patterns.

Wall Protection Wall Guards Protect Walls - Koffler Sales InPro standard wall guards provide impact protection with strong PVC guards in a continuous aluminum or vinyl retainer. Prices Starting at $33.36 . Available in a selection of attractive colors along with Stainless Steel, our Floor Bumper Guards provide dependability and high impact protection that prevent damaged 

Acrovyn® Wall Coverings Commercial wall protection Acrovyn High-Impact Wall Covering .040", .060", & .075" Acrovyn Wall Covering is offered in 68 solid colors. .040" & .060" are available in our Chameleon™ simulated patterns .040" is available in our Acrovyn textures. High-Impact Wall Covering 

Acrovyn 4000 - ABS West ACROVYN 4000 - High Impact Wall Cladding. Acrovyn 4000 is an award winning wall protection system perfect for interiors that need to withstand regular harsh treatment. Typical examples of such Fitting Acrovyn 4000 is a simple, cost effective way to provide both impact protection and aesthetic appeal. It is an extremely 

Wall Protection Wall Guards Intastop UK Manufacturer Wall Protection. For effective protection of buildings we offer a range of wall protection solutions that will minimise maintenance costs whilst providing an aesthetically pleasing look which can be tailored to suit any colour scheme or brand requirements. Anti-bacterial Impact Protection Sheet inc Hygienilac. View product 

Korogard Wall Protection - koroseal ® - surface-scape your vision ™ Koroseal Interior Products is a leader in contract wallcovering and interior products, producing some of the most recognized brands in the interiors market today: Koroseal and Vicrtex wallcoverings, Korogard wall protection and Walltalkers dry erase presentation wallcoverings. Koroseal provides the highest quality products, 

Wall Protection CS Acrovyn® - Construction Specialties The fabric of busy environments is often subjected to extensive wear and tear, resulting in unsightly impact damage. Incorporating wall protection products is a key design factor, ensuring longevity of a building's interior whilst helping to reduce maintenance costs and the need for repairs and redecoration. Our Acrovyn