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Best Decking Timber Auckland Dysart ITM Pros and Cons of Vitex Decking. Vitex decking has a number of benefits: Vitex comes in convenient shorter lengths and is very easy to saw; Vitex has a durability rating of 2, making it quite durable with an outdoor life of 15-40 years; This timber is quite dense – 700-800 kg per square meter – meaning it is 

Greying of timber deck - how to prevent this [Archive] - PC World Have a deck that is new made from Vitex. Love the natural look of this timber but don't want it to grey. I understand there is no way to stop timber greying unless it is stained, which I would prefer not to do as i'll lose that natural timber colour. (The original plan was to stain until I saw the deck laid in the vitex 

Cost of building a deck in New Zealand Refresh Renovations Wood is the material that springs to mind when we think of decks, and continues to be the most popular decking material. It's aesthetically Mike Gibbs from JSC Timber says that vitex is a “middle of the road timber” in price and quality, and is very popular with customers. JSC Timber These prices do not include GST.

Vitex Timber Decking - South Pacific Timbers - Made From New Vitex is an eco-friendly hardwood which is creamy brown to walnut brown in colour. It is stunning as a floor, and a great alternative to Kwila as a exterior decking timber. Vitex It's durability is similar, and is a very strong timber suitable for pergolas and beams etc.

Kwlia, Garapa, Purpleheart, Wallaba, hardwood decking BBS BBS Timbers stock a premium range of hardwood decking from renewable natural resources which enhance residential and commercial environments and are very Durability. Movement in Service. Bleeding. Profile Size. Grip Tread, Plain Tread. Length Specification. Kwila (VLO & FSC). High. Low. High. 90×19 & 140×19 

Hardwood decking timber: Garapa, Vitex, Massa, Kwila, Jarrah New Zealander's have a great appreciation for timber decking, and Rosenfeld Kidson are the country's leading supplier of decking hardwood. Our premium hardwood timber species have been selected to provide the most beautiful, stable and durable decking material available. These alternatives of Garapa, Massa, Vitex, 

11 things you need to know before building a new deck You can search online to find a builder to suit your budget – try, where you can view portfolios and reviews. Seek out a builder who specialises in decks to Hardwood timbers, like kwila and vitex, are commonly used throughout New Zealand for decking. Kwila has a deep red colouring and vitex has a 

How to choose a decking material that is right for you - I Build Hardwood timber is grown in the tropics and imported to New Zealand, and common varieties are kwila, vitex, and purple heart. Hardwood timber doesn't need to be treated with chemicals because it is hard and naturally resistant to rot and fungus. The most common hardwood decking dimensions are 140x19mm and 

Decking for new place - Geekzone Discussion about Decking for new place. The 140mm vitex boards look good, but the kwila seems popular and is very expensive too. What are your The cheapest way is to use H3 decking timber and let it silver or stain it, but if I was going to the expense of getting a builder in, I would look at Kwila.

Truth About Decks – Deck HQ – Live Better, Live Outdoors I am sure you have seen the glossy pictures of decks demonstrating how beautiful they can look. Have you ever Pine is the most commonly used timber in decking and fencing projects. It is a softwood and easy Other hardwoods like Purpleheart, Vitex, and Garapa are also used throughout the industry. Hardwood by its 

Vitex - Timspec Seasoning: Seasons well with little degrade providing stacks are weighted and fillets/stickers are closely spaced. Working Qualities: The timber planes and machines well and is easy to cut across the grain. A good finish can be obtained and it has good bending qualities. Holds nails well without pre-drilling. Uses: Decks 

10 - Ask an Expert - Exterior timber, decking & cladding Currently thinking of using either Jarrah or Pacific Teak (Vitex Coffasus) and letting it silver off. The supplier will be pre-coating all 4 sides of cladding with Cutek CD50, and then re-coating at completion of project with another coat. Are these good choices of timber for cladding in Perth conditions for durability and low 

hardwood decking - Timspec We stock Kwila and Vitex in a wide range of sizes, if we don't have it dressed in stock we can usually machine it within 10-14 working hardwood decking timber in use VITEX. ACCOYA. Origin: Indonesia. Solomon Islands. New Zealand. Botanical Name: Intsia spp. Vitex cofassus. Pinus Radiata. Durability (Heartwood):.

4 alternative timber decking materials to consider during deck design "alternative timber decking, decking materials comparisons, deck prices, decking options, nz, new zealand, aus, australia" CON's - Bamboo decking requires just a much maintenance as hardwood timber decking such as kwila, vitex, merbau and purple heart. It is fastened using traditional methods of pre 

bbi Wood Products Vitex Decking bbi Vitex is a hardwood timber sourced from the Solomon Islands. It has a golden-to-creamy grey appearance. With its durability, bbi Vitex makes an excellent timber for use outdoors including decking, boardwalks and landscaping. We also offer a Kwila decking product, check out our decking profiles brochure for more 

Decking - South Pacific Timber Decking. Add a beautiful social space to your house. The most popular decking timber we supply is Vitex, which is a natural hardwood imported from the Solomon Islands. It is and Eco-Friendly option that is selectively logged and certified by the Solomon Island Forestry Council. Vitex is a light to golden greyish brown with a 

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