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Tips From a Deck Remodeler Professional Deck Builder Wood on porches can be over 100 years old, and nine out of ten decks my company has worked on weren't flashed to the house (Figure 2). Both of those factors can mean rot. I never know what I'll find, so I include a clause in my contract stipulating that rotten wood will be replaced on a time and materials 

Tips for Rebuilding an Existing Deck DoItYourself.com Deck rebuilds are always more extensive than initially expected, but it doesn't mean you should avoid the project. Plan the structural design to accommodate the desired tread materials (composite or wood, pine, pressure-treated, or cedar). Different materials may require different on-center support spans, which may change 

Go From an Old Deck to New in 4 Steps This Old House "Screws don't pop like nails, " he says "but we want the new boards to match the rest of the deck." Tip: If you need to rip replacement decking to match existing boards, use a tablesaw. Ease the sawn edge using a router fitted with a ⅜-inch roundover bit. Carefully inspect railings and decking for loose wood. "No one likes to 

Steps to Repair Deck and Joists at The Repairing Decking or Joists - Clean deck wood. If the existing decking is gray, "weather" the new decking with a solution made from 1 cup of baking soda and 1 gallon of warm water. Apply in the solution with a scrub brush. Rinse and let dry.

How to Clean and Refinish a Wood Deck - The Spruce Deck Inspection; Deck Cleaning; Power Washing (deep cleaning); Sanding; Staining and Sealing; Waste Disposal. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to do a professional-looking deck refinishing job in a weekend or two, transforming a drab, tired old wood deck into a MORE vibrant beautiful entertainment 

Decking Materials This Old House The tongue-and-groove feature makes for easy installation and hides the screws so that you have a neat, uniform look. DeckoraWood is a similar material, but only 5/8" thick, so it can be placed over existing wood decks or concrete patios. The wood-grain on each material provides extra traction, especially when the deck