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Sturdi-Strips™ Rainscreen Furring Strips - Cor-A-Vent 3/8” thick by 1 ½” wide; Easy-to-handle 4-foot long sections; 112 pcs. per carton (448 lin. feet); Color: Black; Heat-resistant: made from profile extruded polypropylene plastic; Impact-resistant: screw, staple or power-nail in place; Crush-resistant: Will not compress like “drainage mat” products; Pairs great with the SV-3 Siding 

Wood-Furring Alternative from DuPont ProSales Online Products DuPont swaps wood furring for a plastic batten atop a water-resistive barrier in regions that experience moderate to heavy rainfall. The batten improves air circulation and drying behind wood, masonry, stucco, vinyl, or fiber cement claddings.. The RainVent Batten is 1 5/8 inches wide, 3/8 inch thick, and 8 

Facing The Changes: Rainscreen drainage planes versus furring Contractors began using wood furring strips to create this space to allow moisture to drain down and out the building envelope, as well as to equalize air pressure between the front and the back of the rainscreen building envelope. As time passed, new materials—plastic, metal, etc.—began to replace the 

Plastic Fir Strips for siding air gap- comparisons I know several of you are advocates of either furring strips or 1/4-inch-thick fanfold insulation (cut on a table saw). If I use any type of strip, I think I'd like to use a plastic product that won't rot. I also like that most of these products are semi hollow or grooved so that water can also channel down the strip too.

Plastic Components, Inc. PVC trims and accessories - Arcat Architectural PVC trims and accessories cad details, specifications, and building product information for Plastic Components, Inc.. It comes in convenient plastic strips (Strip-Lath®) for use as furring strips, and/or sheets and rolls for full coverage. Safe and easy to use, and unaffected by salt, moisture and 

Furring Master Rain Screen Rain Screen Siding Rain Screens Furring-Master won't trap moisture or become brittle with age. Without question they are superior to wooden furring strips or plastic battens. Furring-Master is guaranteed for 50 years. Screened trim adapters keep the air moving. The vent facilitates maximum air intake and exhaust, and its screen component reduces 

All About Rainscreens It's possible to create a rainscreen gap with a mesh product that look like the plastic wool pads used for scrubbing pots and pans. These three-dimensional mats are especially useful for siding types that can't be installed over vertical furring strips — for example, cedar shingles or board-and-batten siding.

El Dorado Battens Customer Focused - Quality Minded Ventilated Wall Battens. State of the Art Rain Screen.

Slicker Rainscreen Education :: Benjamin Obdyke The traditional rainscreen application is to nail wood or plastic furring strips (strapping) directly to the sheathing and building paper or housewrap. Newer products, such as Slicker, achieve the same effect by using a vertically-channeled, three-dimensional matrix to provide a continuous space for drainage and drying as well 

Furring Strips & Strapping Lowe's Canada Shop for Furring Strips at Find the best selection of Furring Strips and get price match + 10% off if you find a lower price.

VaproBatten - VaproShield VaproBatten. VaproBatten is a UV stable, breathable vinyl batten system for rain screen applications. Its unique and innovative design is a direct replacement for pressure treated plywood furring or treated lumber battens.

Products - Ventgrid Unlike ordinary methods such as wood furring, Ventgrid12™ is made almost completely from “post consumer” recycled plastic so it is highly resistant to deterioration and degradation. Ventgrid12™ will not decay, rot, absorb moisture or support mold growth. ventgrid corner 011 Ventgrid12™ utilizes a unique manufacturing 

EcoStud: Home Project: Residential Home · Flanged Furring · Portfolio · Z Furring. Product Used: 3.5" Flanged Furring Channel, 2" Z Furring, and 1.5" Z Furring Details: Installation includes, flanged furring channel and closed cell spray foam on the poured foundation, along with z furring and foam boar Read more about Project: 

Furring Strips - Quarrix Building Products Quarrix furring strips create a moisture barrier made from HDPE plastic. This plastic is stronger and more durable than wood furring because it can resistant cracking, warping, splitting, mold and mildew.

Ceiling Furring - Tradeline Products. Ceiling Furring. Tradeline Metal Furring Ceiling System. Tradeline Metal Furring Ceiling System. MF suspended ceiling system for commercial and 535370, TRADELINE CEILING FURRING SMF5, 0.5, 3600, 50. 535374, TRADELINE HANGER STRAP COIL MF8, 0.5, 25, 25. 385044, TRADELINE CEILING 

Plastic Furring Strips, 1-1/2 x 3/8 inch x 4.3 ft - Best Materials Quarrix # 61106 Plastic Venting Furring Strips, 4-ft 4-inch x 1-1/2 wide x 3/8 inch thick. Foldout sections of plastic perforated furring strips. Provides superior venting and drainage. 48 Pieces/Carton (208 feet). Price/Carton.