waterproof wood deck over flat roof

Building a floating deck on an epdm rubber roof surface - DecksGo Waterproof deck tiles can be installed in some cases but I would not recommend you try this unless you have started from the very beginning with this in mind a) that the epdm is lying flat on the roof subfloor without any sharp objects that can puncture the edpm once sleepers are laid over top and placed 

Choosing Waterproof Decking for Flat Roof Decks - Tufdek Here's how Tufdek™ waterproof decking stands out on a flat roof deck: We all know the different types of roofing material (asphalt, wood, metal, etc.) If you already have one of these types of roofs, you *could* potentially cover the existing roof with PVC vinyl decking (on top of a flat, hard surface), but 

Flat Roof Decks and Patios Cool Flat Roof Many homes in New England have walk-on, flat roof decks with living space under them, and 90 percent of these deck roofs leak, ruining your rooms. . Enhances the appearance of decks; Eliminates annual painting and staining of wood decks; Durable, slip resistant waterproofing system; Resists mildew, chemicals, and 

Rebuilding a Rotted Deck on a Flat Roof - Extreme How To This wooden deck was built over her screen porch and on top of a flat roof. When walking on the roof there were obvious soft spots, and you could see that some of the seams were opened a bit. . From a waterproofing standpoint, we chose not to penetrate the rubber roof membrane with our posts.

Can a completely flat roof be waterproof? - Home Improvement Stack It can accommodate a floating deck. I have the book Roofing, Flashing & Waterproofing (For Pros By Pros), which includes a nicely illustrated article on installing EPDM with a floating deck. The method they recommend is to use a non-adhered strip of EPDM underneath the decking sleepers, so that any 

The Six Ds of Decking: Waterproofing flat roof assemblies When waterproofing a walkable roof deck, there are a number of important principles to consider in determining the ultimate performance of not only the When a deck is correctly designed, water will flow where it is supposed to go—that is, away from the building into a gutter system or over a drip edge 

Roof Decks Over Conditioned Area BUILD Blog This allows the water to pass through the walking surface (usually wood decking with air gaps in between), gather on the waterproof membrane, and drain according to the slope. The space between the waterproof membrane and the walking surface requires additional depth. BUILD-LLC-Kirsch-Roof-Deck- 

Decks.com. Roof Top Deck Construction Occasionally a project is presented where a deck will be built over a flat roof of a house or a garage Proper waterproofing for a roof deck involves installing an EPDM membrane and flashing around deck supports and rail penetrations. This is often accomplished using EPDM boots that fit over the openings. EPDM is a 

Roof Deck: Cost, Installation, Best and Worst Flat Roof Materials Roof Deck: Cost, Installation, Best and Worst Flat Roof Materials. Flat Roof Deck Many homeowners who use their flat roofs as decks deal with a lot of leaks. The problem with rubber is that glued seams will eventually come apart, and if you have your composite/pressure treated deck over rubber, you will