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What's the most sustainable wood for my new deck? Grist Here are two more options from the land of moonlight and magnolias worth looking into: Southern cypress and black locust are both naturally rot-resistant and gaining in popularity as a decking material. And have you thought about reclaimed or salvaged wood from neighborhood barns, cabins, houses, 

Which Decking Is The Most Durable? - Craft-Bilt Craft-Bilt decking is painted with a superior “Super Durable” powder coat formula that has passed AAMA's highest paint criteria, AAMA 2605, for things like adhesion, hardness, impact resistance, corrosion and much more. In fact, we left our decking in the salt spray test booth for over 1½ years and the paint 

Choose the Right Deck Material - Wood or Synthetic You have many options available, and choosing the right decking material for your lifestyle can impact your long-term satisfaction with your new deck. But have no fear, we're here to Red Balau is naturally decay and rot resistant and because it is kiln dried, it will easily accept stain and sealers. As a Kiln Dried Wood, it is 4 

The Blog - 5 Ways Outdecks PVC - Decking In fact, PVC is less impact-resistant and therefore more susceptible to scratches, dents and dings from moving your furniture around the deck. Your décor has no effect Unlike PVC, composite decking has a matte finish that resembles real wood, not the slick look of plastic. In fact, our boards come in a 

Should You Build Your Deck From Wood or Plastic? Most PT decking is cut from southern yellow pine and then chemically treated to resist decay, fungus, and wood-boring bugs. For more 70 years PT lumber was infused with chromated copper arsenate (CCA), a suspected carcinogen. However, CCA hasn't been used in residential lumber since December 

Clubhouse Decking Brochure Laboratory impact tests* prove that. Clubhouse Decking with Korelite technology has better impact resistance. *Laboratory impact test include 2 ½" 10-pound steel weight dropped from 80". Superior. Strength. 14. Innovation at Work,. Genius at Play. Show your smarts in a deck that will outperform and outlast without.